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In our first issue of the year, we touch on a very concerning topic of our era: soil. It has been documented that the planet has lost half of its topsoil over the last 150 years. Agriculture has impacted the quality of soil due to erosion, compaction, loss of soil structure, nutrient degradation and soil salinity. It is more important than ever to rethink our current methods. Enjoy reading our feature articles on converting organic waste into soil nutrients and on how to achieve zero tillage with the latest, innovative machines on the market.
We also divulge information on the new automation system design for cricket farms, an expanding industry, and cover events such as IPM and DairyTech.
Erin Tallman, Editor-in-Chief
February 26, 2019

Snapshot of the live video of FIRA on YouTube

Debate does not equate rejection; at the FIRA forum in Toulouse this year, a group of local French farmers interrupted the John Deere representative during his speech on the company’s autonomous tractors, unravelling their protest sign Des, Des Animaux, Pas de Robots—‘Farmers, Animals, not Robots’—and...

Growing Young Green Seedling Sprout in Cultivated Agricultural Farm Field close up

Singapore-based entrepreneur Mr. Sim Eng Tong, CEO of Biomax Technologies, has created what could be a solution to two of the world’s most pressing challenges: food waste and rapidly declining soil health. In just 24 hours, the Rapid Thermophilic Digestion System breaks down organic waste and turns it into rich,...

Photographer Matthias Ripp


Despite its gritty texture, the dirt supporting our feet and farms is far from indestructible. “Soil is a very thin mantle or layer between rock or unconsolidated material in the atmosphere. Because it is such a thin layer, soil is also very fragile and can be easily damaged or even destroyed,” write soil experts...

"Holy cow! It's a great view from up here in the Swiss Alps." Photo by Chris McCullough.

Waking up every morning to milk cows with such an idyllic view of the Swiss Alps is a dream come true for dairy farmer Reto Theiler. He spends five months of the year 1,250 meters above sea level with his wife Silvia and five children milking their 50 Brown Swiss cows and producing delicious cheese on the Abnistetten...

Ibo Furer, the cheese plant manager at Spezialitaten Kaseri

Swiss people cannot live without cheese and it’s that infatuation with the dairy product that ensures the country’s dairy farmers stay in business.  In fact, their love of cheese is so strong Swiss people consume a whopping 20 to 25 kilograms of it each per year.  When it comes to numbers, Switzerland produces around...

Two researchers at Clemson University in the United States are finding short- and long-term solutions for fruit tree growers seeing harmful effects from climate change. Ksenija Gasic, Associate Professor of Horticulture Peach Genetics and Breeding, and Juan Carlos Melgar, Assistant Professor of Pomology (fruit...

The health benefits of cricket powder put it in the running for one of the most growing industries. There are a number of startups looking to get in on the ground floor of the edible insects movement, according to an article published in Forbes. Recent architecture projects such as the Modular Edible Insect Farm help...

Courtesy of Aveine

Entering the digital, connected wave of today might have you reach the next-gen customers on their level. Aveine presents the first connected wine aerator, the perfect partner for an exceptional bottle of wine. An expressive wine must be airy and knowing how long it will take to reach its ideal personality is an art....

Courtesy of Coffunity

April 2018—As the 2019 Specialty Coffee Expo will soon be en route, we’ve decided to highlight one of the award-winning products from last year’s show that took place in Seattle. Coffunity, a mobile app that allows people to share their ratings and reviews of the coffees they taste, won Best of Show in the technology...

Courtesy of IPM ESSEN

The world’s leading fair for horticulture IPM ESSEN is continuing its international growth by powering Ornamental Plants & Flowers MÉXICO, scheduled to take place in Mexico City from September 18 to 20, 2019. The new fair in the Centro Citibanamex will be organized by AM Expo & CEPOMAC with Messe Essen as the cooperation...

Courtesy of DirectDairy

Ever wondered whether milk pasteurized and packed directly at your farm could help avoid the dependency on volatile milk prices currently faced by many farms? DirectDairy, a Dutch startup focusing on Ag-Tech and Food-Tech think their breakthrough concept could do just that. February 6, 2019—Dutch startup DirectDairy...


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