#COFFEEEXPO—Coffunity Wins Best of Show in Technology

#COFFEEEXPO—Coffunity Wins Best of Show in Technology

April 2018—As the 2019 Specialty Coffee Expo will soon be en route, we’ve decided to highlight one of the award-winning products from last year’s show that took place in Seattle. Coffunity, a mobile app that allows people to share their ratings and reviews of the coffees they taste, won Best of Show in the technology category.

Take a picture of any coffee label and the app will identify it and retrieve average ratings, reviews and tasting notes from the community. Today, people want to know more about what they’re consuming. Coffunity describes the coffee to the exacts, including country of origin, farmer, varietal, processing method, roaster, roast level and more. It digs into every aspect until there’s no dirt left, informing on the different coffee varietals in the world, their botanical specs, their cup quality, their yield potential, their average size and more. Descriptions of each country’s coffee history are available, detailing the varietals grown there, plus where, when and how they produce their coffee.

“We’d like all actors in the process from seed to cup to get the highest benefits, but achieving that balance is hard and needs the commitment of so many people!” Andrea B. Pacas, co-founder of the Coffunity app, said during an interview with Barista Magazine Online.

“When we got the Best New Product of the Year awards for Tech and Best of Show, I was shocked and finally understood how much we could contribute to the coffee industry through Coffunity,” explained 23-year-old Andrea to Barista Magazine Online.

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