DairyTech: Direct Dairy to Lower Dependency on Volatile Milk Prices

Ever wondered whether milk pasteurized and packed directly at your farm could help avoid the dependency on volatile milk prices currently faced by many farms? DirectDairy, a Dutch startup focusing on Ag-Tech and Food-Tech think their breakthrough concept could do just that.

February 6, 2019—Dutch startup DirectDairy explained how, by cutting out the processor, farms could allow themselves to produce this premium consumer product to a standard where they could sell directly from their farm to businesses and consumers during the UK event DairyTech.

DirectDairy integrates milking robots, pasteurization, filling, and sorting of milk into a fully-automatic 24/7 mini-dairy. Natural and delicious milk from DirectDairy system will unchain farmers from industrial dairies and ensure a stable economic future for their families.

Learn more on the company’s website.

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