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[Innov-Agri] Exhibiting New Products, a Farmer’s Delight

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September 2018—This year’s Innov-Agri, in its 17th edition, continues to bring operators closer to suppliers in the sector of agriculture. The event acts as a meeting where farmers, breeders, entrepreneurs can come to learn and discover the latest techniques, processes and machines. Here are a few presented at the fair.


SmartTouch by Bauer

A world leader in irrigation technology, Bauer presented SmartTouch, originally launched in 2016. As an innovative extension for the Centerstar, SmartTouch offers a touch-sensitive control unit, compatible with VRI and SmartRain—for Bauer’s customers irrigating large areas of land. Johann Gallaun, irrigation product manager at Bauer, stated in a press release:

With SmartTouch, we are taking the next step in irrigation management. The new Centerstar Pivot head unit enables our customers to easily control all processes via the touch surface.”

The availability of water is an increasingly important factor when it comes to ensuring the profitable and constant exploitation of agricultural land. Irrigation makes it possible to compensate for the ever more irregular rainfall and to guarantee the harvest.

Valley X-Tec by Valley

In 2017, Valley released its new X-Tec Valley Gearmotor. Courtesy of Valley.

In 2017, Valley released its new X-Tec Valley Gearmotor. Courtesy of Valley.

In 2017, Valley released its X-Tec Valley Gearmotor which offers uses Valley’s FastPass technology to achieve light irrigation to cool crops, greater precision in foliar applications and chemigation, and even greater application uniformity. 

The X-Tec Valley drive operates up to twice as fast as a standard Valley high-speed AC geared motor. Thanks to its advanced design, the c.c. engine provides consistent torque over a wide range of speeds, giving farmers unparalleled control and other options to maximize crop yield.

Tractors by DEUTZ-FAHR

At the end of last year, DEUTZ-FAHR launched two limited WARRIOR editions for the 7 & 9 series. With a glossy black finish, the WARRIOR features innovative and intelligent technologies.

At the end of last year, DEUTZ-FAHR launched two limited WARRIOR editions for the 7 & 9 series.

At the end of last year, DEUTZ-FAHR launched two limited WARRIOR editions for the 7 & 9 series.

Every day during the fair, DEUTZ-FAHR presented its tractors 6120-6130-6140. These models complete the range of the 6 series, from 160 to 210 HP in 4 and 6 cylinders, available with a powershift transmission, RCShift (robotic box) or continuously variable TTV.

Boursagri: Online Grain Market

Online markets are becoming ubiquitous. Synonymous to North America’s FarmLead, Boursagri also enables people to buy or sell grain in France. It is an interconnected platform to market cereals, created by les Ets Jeudy earlier this year to be active as soon as November 2018.

Using a blockchain system, prices are given in full transparency both by buyers and sellers in order to reproduce the principle of the Matif in a secure system of blockchain without cryptocurrency.

There will be an automatic price adjustment with a best price, thanks to a matching process described by the team at Boursagri as “extremely innovative”, unveiled to visitors of Innov-Agri. Once the matching done, the seller and the buyer will contact to organize the logistics.

Contact the company for more information.

The New Digital Optimization Platform

Climate Fieldview

Courtesy of Climate Fieldview

Innov-Agri was chosen as the start of the commercial launch in France of the Climate FieldView agricultural digital platform. This fragmented management platform will enable French farmers to reach a new level in precision agriculture thanks to its advanced technology and ease of use. Connected, Climate FieldView will be accessible from many facilities to facilitate the collection and analysis of data for better decision-making.

Read our article Smart Management for Efficient Farming.  

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