Leffert’s 100% Electric Drive by Frisian Motors

Leffert’s 100% Electric Drive by Frisian Motors

Frisian Motors is offering a range of electric drive vehicles by Leffert. The vehicles use the latest AC technology and can be charged anywhere in 4-8 hours using external chargers that that plug into the main grid. Their batteries are maintenance-free, stable and 99% recyclable.

The Leffert FM-50 Transporter is fully electric and assembled in the Frisian motors factory in the Netherlands. It offers nearly silent transportation with a range from 60 to 80 km and a maximum speed of 60 km/hour. It can be driven over rough terrain, woodlands, sand, or even indoors.

The Leffert FM-80 Transporter is a larger version of the FM-50 and can seat 4-6 people. Its range is the same but its maximum speed is slightly less at 50 km/h.  It has a T5 agricultural certificate for use on the road so it requires a driving or tractor license.

The Leffert FM-90 4X4 is designed for extreme environments and pulling trailers or heavy tools. It uses creep speed for powerful traction and includes several extra features such as power steering, brake discs and a rear load capacity of 350 kg.


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