#3 - Animal Welfare

Robot Chicken to Sanitize Chicken Litter

Courtesy of Octopus Robots

Keeping chicken litter clean and chickens free of infections are major preoccupations for poultry farmers. Cue the Octopus Poultry Safe robot; an autonomous, intelligent robot designed to sanitize chicken litter and large enclosed spaces like poultry farms. The robot moves forward turning and ventilating litter which prevents soil from fermenting and thus reduces ammonia levels in the barn. This process also prevents potentially life-threatening diseases for chickens such as pododermatitis, aspergillosis hock and breast injuries. The robot is equipped with a camera and onboard intelligence to detect where the chicken are at a given time, and it controls air temperature and quality. It sanitizes and disinfects with a patented atomization technique, reducing the need for antibiotics.

Founded in 1987, the French company Octopus Robots is an international leader in the field of autonomous robots dedicated to specific jobs without requiring human intervention, and the Poultry Safe Robot is no exception.

About the Author

Monica Hutchings is a Canadian writer and translator from Toronto who has worked on everything from technical descriptions to academic journals. She is our in-house copy editor.

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