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World-wide: Award-winning Machines

World-wide: Award-winning Machines

Germany’s Red Dot Design awards rate products from various sectors, notably agriculture. Although aesthetics is a key ingredient to winning the award, functionality is equally important. Over the years, the Red Dot award has become so internationally acclaimed that we know, worldwide, that the winning products not only contain the true essence of good design but outstanding quality for users. Here are three we think you’ll want to read about.

Sprayer: Dynamic Force

Difficult work conditions make strong sprayers an important machine in agriculture. While the 2017 Red Dot Design winner MAP III by Argentina manufacturer PLA contains a futuristic aesthetic, its highly advanced functionality comes with a huge capacity range from 2,900 to 4,100 litres. It features several design innovations such as modular solution tanks, walkable fuel and oil tanks, durable carbon fibre booms.

Argentina studio BCK designed its look, called “Dynamic Force”, which redefines the robustness and dynamism of the PLA’s entire product portfolio. The driver’s cab delivers proper ergonomics for the work area while offering the user an excellent panoramic view. All user controls were integrated coherently into a multifunctional armrest console and are intuitive to operate. The Red Dot Design Jury stated:

The MAP III sprayer has emerged with a fascinating new design language that extends coherently across all design elements. It captivates with user-oriented functionality and a futuristic appearance. This spraying vehicle also impresses with outstanding engineering performance infused into its design.”

Courtesy of Argentina manufacturer PLA

Frozen Grounds or Extreme Heat

Finish manufacturer Valtra Inc. earned the Red Dot Design award 2018 for its tractor Valtra A4 which combines cost-efficiency with ergonomics and performance. Kimmo Wihinen, responsible for the in-house design, ensured the tractor would be suitable for harsh climates—promising good performance on frozen grounds or in extreme heat.

The Valtra A4 has the qualities to be used in places where high-performance tractors are needed, but where the purchase of expensive agricultural machinery cannot be afforded, according to the company.

Customizable, the technical features of the Valtra A4 can be adapted depending on the requirements and it is available in ten different colors. The Red Dot Design Jury stated:

This tractor is characterized by its cost-efficiency and by the fact that it adjusts flexibly to any of its areas of applications.”

Valtra A4

Valtra A4

A New Look for the Wheel Loader

The impressive Hidromek HMK 640 WL by Turkish manufacturer Hidromek finished the year 2017 with a Red Dot Design award and continues to enchant.

The in-house design team based the HMK 640 WL on a careful evaluation of the extreme working conditions in mines and quarries. Its powerful appearance is mainly characterized by the mono-block engine hood which facilitates better service and maintenance.

The cabin is equipped with electronic joysticks and allows intuitive navigation. The console also allows easy adjustment to meet individual user needs, while all settings and information can be displayed on an LED screen.

The search for a new design identity for a vehicle of this type, according to the company, has made the Hidromek HMK 640 WL emerge as a wheel loader with an impressively dynamic style. The Red Dot Design Jury stated:

The Hidromek HMK 640 WL boasts an extremely fresh and modern appearance. Also remarkable are its elegantly balanced proportions, as well as the highly consistent ergonomic solution of the driver’s cabin.”

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Courtesy of Turkish manufacturer Hidromek