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DairyTech: Implementing Technology to Reduce Costs

How can dairy farmers modernize and reduce their costs when cash flow remains low? The DairyTech show offered solutions through the use of technology—and we’re not talking simple robotic milking machines.


WITH current milk prices slashed almost on a monthly basis, dairy farmers are constantly being urged to modernize and reduce their costs in order to make a profit.

However, with low cash flow farmers are being very cautious about which technology they invest in and when. For years robotic milking machines were the ‘in’ thing but now the pace of developing new technology is moving rapidly.

Examples of this were highlighted at the very first DairyTech show held at Stoneleigh Park in England organized by the RABDF (Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers).

From apps that can keep farmers abreast of every single movement a cow makes to the latest automation for feeding calves, this one-day show had it all.

Cattle genetics company Semex introduced its new product Immunity+, which won the innovation award. The Immunity+ selects sires for their ability to genetically increase the immune status of their daughters, and thus they naturally improve the cows’ resistance to infection and disease. 

By using this technology in breeding decisions dairy farmers constantly improve their cows’ health and well-being generation by generation, which reduces antibiotic use, lowering the cost of healthcare

Head judge Tim Downes, who is also a RABDF council member, told AgriExpo e-Magazine that the decision to award Semex as the winner was unanimous. 

It was a well-presented and researched innovative new product that all of the judges thought offered dairy farmers advancement in genetic selection for improved health traits.

Semex UK sales manager Michael Dennison also told AgriExpo e-Magazine:

Immunity+ sires were making up an ever-increasing share of sales in the UK, as understanding, belief and confidence in the technology and its benefits became more widespread.

Other finalist products included Miracle-Tech’s thermal imaging CCTV and Lallemand Animal Nutrition’s new silage additive development.

RABDF managing director Matt Knight said the future of dairy farming would rely on change, innovation and the development of technology, adding: 

DairyTech was designed to fulfil the technology and innovation focus outlined in our manifesto and as a result a whole host of new concepts, ideas and innovation were showcased at the event through exhibitors, specialist speakers, virtual reality and demonstrations. 

The use of drones including Bexcopter and Drone AG were also highlighted at the show for grassland management and fertilizer applications to name a couple.